THY ART IS MURDER veröffentlicht zweite Single „Until There Is No Longer“

THY ART IS MURDER – Oberhausen – Justin Herschfeld (39)
Justin Herschfeld

THY ART IS MURDER veröffentlichen die zweite Single der EP mit dem Titel „Until There Is No Longer“.

The Aggression Sessions ist der Nachfolger von The Depression Sessions aus dem Jahr 2016 und folgt demselben 6-Song-Minialbum, bei dem jede Band eine Originalsingle und einen Coversong anbietet. Für diese Session covern THY ART IS MURDER Cannibal Corpse und FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY At The Gates, während MALEVOLENCE bearbeitet einen Song der amerikanischen Sängerin Anastacia.

THY ART IS MURDER and FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY make the following joint statement:
“Before we had even completed work on ‘The Depressions Sessions’ we knew a lifelong friendship had been forged between THY ART IS MURDER and FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY, and that we would have to do another variation of the project. ‘The Aggression Sessions’ concept was born almost immediately following the completion of the first iteration but has taken many years to finally find the time to record and release it amidst the chaotic touring and music release schedules of both bands. We wanted to take things back to some of our favorite inspirations for writing and performing heavy and aggressive music this time, encapsulating the tone of the EP title. We hope everyone enjoys!

Joining us for round 2, please welcome MALEVOLENCE into the series. Much love to The Acacia Strain, and thank you to them for being a part of this lineage. Check out their new forthcoming record as well!

Working with friends and peers and avoiding the pitfalls of competitiveness has always been the most rewarding part of being in a band, so as always thank you for the support and opportunity to have this platform. See you all on the road soon!”
MALEVOLENCE’s Wilkie Robinson adds, “New Jersey to Australia to Sheffield! it was an absolute pleasure to be involved in this big international metal link-up and a great opportunity for us to have fun creatively outside of the usual expectations. Shout out to Eliran Kantor for killing the artwork and Nuclear Blast for making it all happen.”