Course of fate veröffentlichen Utopia

Offizieller Flyer
Das brandneue Video von COURSE OF FATE zur heute erscheinenden Single ‘Utopia’
Der Song, welcher aus dem kommenden Album Mindweaver stammt, ist nun auf allen Digital- und Streamingplattformen zu hören.
Die Band kommentiert:
“Inspired by his visions our friend attempts a gathering of his followers in the establishment of a perfect world, a place of dreams come true, a utopia free of fear and danger, only to have it fail in an all too familiar wave of tragedy. This is our tribute to the greatest progressive trio ever to set foot outside Canada”
Written and directed by Eivind Gunnesen
Co-directed by Carl Marius Saugstad
Editing by Carl Marius Saugstad
Cinematography by Carl Marius Saugstad and Course of Fate
Produced by Course of Fate with Ove Tindlund as the man with a vision


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