Wir haben uns mit Kim von Møl zum Interview getroffen

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Hello Kim from Møl  , thank you very much for your time for the interview! I hope are masks fit just fine.
We always ask at the beginning whether they want wine or beer .. what is it with you? – :O

Kim : Beer! Preferably something with lots of hops and as juicy as humanly possible! NEIPA or DIPA!

Festivalstalker: The pandemic is over so slowly, how did you spend this time? 😎

Kim: Busy! Getting signed to Nuclear Blast was a big one 🙂
Finishing up writing and recording DIORAMA – the pandemic actually sped up the process in some ways. Especially getting the time to really dig into the songwriting and making time to spend some time with our families during lockdown. We do miss loads of festivals by now – so hey! ho! Let’s go!

Festivalstalker: You have been part of the NUCLEAR BLAST family since the beginning of the year. How does that feel?🤘

Kim: It somehow feels like a natural progression. It’s still a bit overwhelming going from DIY to actually having a great team to work with! We are very grateful to be in the hands of such a competent staff as the NB-family!

The Album will be something very special

Festivalstalker: Tell me the story of your new album?🍻☝🍻🍻

Kim: Taking inspiration from filmmaker Ari Aster’s work in the movie “Hereditary” the emotional narrative of the album is a journey of introspection and a deep dive into recovery from past trauma from a firsthand perspective.
The movie’s main-protagonist Annie Graham, makes dioramas, miniature-representations, of her traumatic life experiences of growing up in a very dis-functional family.
Diorama is a re-examination of past events to find a sense of self and purpose through meaninglessness.
Where JORD was a confrontation with ones own mortality – DIORAMA has a stronger focus on retrospection and relations. What do we end up with when loss of purpose or of faith occurs? We end up with each other – for better and for worse.

Festivalstalker: Your new album “DIORAMA” will be released on November 5th, what can the fans look forward to?

Kim: An album with more warmth, noise – Nic describes it as the natural evolution of our sound. Organic, vibrant and in some ways, even more exuberant that JORD. We have been more than happy to work with one our personal heroes of the industry: Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studios
His ability to make a band sound like the true version of themselves speaks volumes to us.

DIORAMA is very much made perfectly for vinyl – make sure to take the time out to listen to it from front to back – that is how it’s best experienced, in my humble opinion.

Schaut euch hier das Musicvideo zu Vestige an 

Festivaltalker: What is still in the planning of music videos from the new album DIORAMA.

Kim: By now we have most of the videos out but we have some excellent footage from a great couple of live sessions we have been working on – be on the lookout for those!

Festivalstalker :How would you describe an evening at your show?

Kim: A crushing void of sound and euphoria! Jubilee and melancholy goes hand in hand – and as a frontman I love to go getting people riled up with the sense of atmosphere and weight we love to lose ourselves in 😉

Even though we have shoegaze as one of our main components to our sound, our live-presence should make you loose yourself a bit with us too with plenty of headbanging and moshing to go around.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von MØL (@moeldk)

Festivalstalker: You played at the Copenhagen Metal Fest 2021 a few days ago, how did it feel? 🙂

Kim: Absolutely like spring came late this year. We had such a great time! It was a great reminder to us all that live is where things comes full circle for us as a band 🙂

Festivalstalker: 3 more concerts in the near future, how do you feel when you go on stage there? 28.10.21 TRAIN (Aarhus) – Diorama Release Show
05.11.21 Aalborg Metal Festival 2021 (Aalborg) –
06.11.21 Hotel Cecil (København) – Diorama Release Show

Kim: We are immensely eager to play the new songs live!
So far, we have tested a few of the songs out – but building a set list with the new songs making sure that people get a sense of coherence to our previous work and where we are going next (sound wise) will be very exciting indeed.

Festivalstalker: Do you have one last sentence for your fans?

Kim: Make sure to come see us live when we headline a with the lovely people in ITHACA 11 through 20th of February next year 2022!
check the specific dates out on the link:
➡️ https://bit.ly/3islp48