THE HELLACOPTERS droppen neue Single samt Video zu “Reap A Hurricane”


Schon jetzt gut! Wir freuen uns, ein neues Studioalbum der legendären schwedischen High-Energy-Rock-and-Roll-Band THE HELLACOPTERS mit dem Titel ” Eyes Of Oblivion ” ankündigen zu können, das am 1. April 2022 erscheinen wird . Es wird das erste Album seit der Veröffentlichung ihres vorläufigen Abschiedsalbums „ Head Off “ im Jahr 2008 sein! Und Junge, Sie werden alle etwas erleben!

NICKE ANDERSSON (vocals & guitars) reveals:
“The album has 10 songs and although it’s obviously not easy to be objective at all, I think musically it sums up everything we’ve touched upon from the start in 1994 up until now. Some of the songs date back as far as 10 years or more, and some were written more recently. It’s rock and roll played with high energy, so for lack of a better term I say High Energy Rock And Roll. You could say it sounds like The Beatles meets Judas Priest or Lynyrd Skynyrd meets the Ramones but the best way to describe this album is that it sounds like The Hellacopters today.”

To celebrate the kickoff of this new chapter of THE HELLACOPTERS, the Swedes are sharing with you a BRAND NEW SINGLE, the anthemic album opener, “Reap A Hurricane”! The song presents itself as a potential future fan-favourite with all of the juicy riffs and in-your-face swagger you could’ve possibly hoped for, topped off with a captivating chorus that won’t leave your head any time soon. In short – it sounds as if the band had never been away!