Malevolence veröffentlichen Remain Unbeaten aus der kommenden EP

Kim Quint

Die Sheffield-Shredder MALEVOLENCE veröffentlichen “Remain Unbeaten”, die zweite Single aus der kommenden EP “The Other Side”.


Frontmann Alex Taylor sagt:
“The world has decided to present the majority of us with a challenge, in one way or another. Certain luxuries that we admit we have taken for granted until recently such as the ability to tour the world and play festivals have been ripped out from under us. However, more importantly is the fact that the wellbeing of those more vulnerable among us is at risk. It’s apparent that tough times lie ahead, which increases the need to take matters seriously and to stay positive in the face of such monumental challenges. Something we still have is music. For us it will always play a powerful role in motivating and driving us through the difficulties we are faced with day to day, which brings us to our next single – “Remain Unbeaten”.
The visual for this song was filmed primarily in Tokyo, Japan and is our favourite Malevolence video to date. We stand by the message of the song wholeheartedly and I hope that it can empower people to face whatever adversity comes their way and to carry them through these days ahead. A Vow To Never Be Defeated.”

Der Track stammt aus der kommenden EP “The Other Side” der Band, die am 24. April über das eigene Label MLVLTD MUSIC veröffentlicht wird. Die drei-Track-EP ist der Nachfolger des 2017er Albums „Self Supremacy“, dass die Band von “kings of the underground” zu nationalen Vertretern des britischen Metal und Hardcore katapultierte und bescherte MALEVOLENCE ausverkaufte Clubshows in Europa, USA, Südostasien und Japan.