Eskimo Callboy heißen ab sofort Electric Callboy

Christian Ripkens

Electric Callboy? Diesmal ist es kein April-Scherz von uns, Eskimo Callboy nennen sich um und sind nun unter Electric Callboy wieder zu finden. Obs mit dem Namen beim ESC besser geklappt hätte, sei dahin gestellt. Nun gibt die Band ein Statement zur Unterstützung von David Friedrich in Sachen Ukraine.

Hey friends,

today we have big news for you!

Some of you that watched our last videos might have expected it already, but today is the day that we change our name!

From now on we are ELECTRIC CALLBOY!

Actually we recorded some more videos with lots of more information… but with the senseless violence that is happening to the people of the ukraine at the moment, it just doesn’t feel right to push that topic any further. Still, we don’t wanna wait any longer with our name change with the knowledge we gained during our journey.

So here we go!
We hope you like our new name as much as we do!

But now, we need your attention to present you 2 charities, that are really important to us!
So please check out this new video and let’s use our energy for peace and solidarity!