DOOL enthüllen das neue Video zu “Venus in Flames”

David Fitt

DOOL enthüllen das Video “Venus in Flames” als nächste Single aus ihrem kommenden dritten Album “The Shape of Fluidity”. Die Veröffentlichung des neuen Albums ist für den 19. April 2024 geplant.

DOOL über den neuen Song: “The song ‘Venus in Flames’ deals with shaking off societal expectations, obliterating gender roles, and learning to love one self in the process”, singer Raven van Dorst reveals. “The lyrics are an inner dialogue sung out loud. Director David Fitt has translated the words into moving images in the accompanying video. It is also the opening track of our new album ‘The Shape of Fluidity’, wherein the smouldering ashes of the old make way for something new and exciting. Self-love is the key!”

1. Venus in Flames
2. Self-Dissect
3. The Shape of Fluidity
4. Currents
5. Evil in You
6. House of a Thousand Dreams
7. Hermagorgon
8. Hymn for a Memory Lost
9. The Hand of Creation