Die 14-jährige Metalcore-Sensation STORM veröffentlicht nach großer Festivalankündigung neue Single „After a Lie“

Anine Desire

STORM sorgen für Schlagzeilen, schreiben die Regeln der Metal-Szene neu und ziehen Fans auf der ganzen Welt in ihren Bann. Im Alter von 14 Jahren trat der junge Star bereits beim größten Festival Norwegens, Tons of Rock, auf, spielte beim deutschen Festival Summer Breeze Open Air, tourte zusammen mit Gåte durch Norwegen und nun wird er zum größten Rock- und Metal-Festival Großbritanniens erklärt Festival: Download!

About the single STORM says: 
“‘After a Lie’ is special to me because it’s based on something I used to worry a lot about. it’s about pretending to be someone you’re not just to get to fit in. I wrote ‘After a Lie’ a year ago, and I hope and think many people can relate to it.”

The song also represents a shift in the musical direction, going into a more melodic approach and experimenting with mixing genres like trap, metalcore and rock. STORM says:

“’After a Lie’ is a bit more mellow than my other songs, and I am focusing more on melodies than screaming, as this is a direction I wanted to explore. I love how the song blends various genres; and I think a part of the magic in ‘After a Lie’ is the transitions from trap verses to Metalcore choruses and then the orchestral outro.”

STORM has undeniably had a remarkable start to his career, and his unique style has resonated with millions on TikTok already. With legendary festivals and new music on the horizon, it’s safe to say this is just the beginning for this young rising star.