AMARANTHE geben neuen Sänger bekannt und droppen „DAMNATION FLAME“


Es wird heiß da draußen: Die schwedischen Modern-Metal-Helden AMARANTHE liefern heute mit der Veröffentlichung ihrer neuen Single „Damnation Flame“ den Soundtrack für einen feurigen Festivalsommer! Mit ihrem symphonischen Touch und dem mitreißenden Refrain stellt die Band einmal mehr ihre herausragenden Songwriting-Fähigkeiten unter Beweis und wahrt gleichzeitig ihr Image als Schwedens aufregendster Metal-Export.

Mastermind Olof states about the new song:
“‘Damnation Flame’ breaks new ground for us in many ways, and in all the best ways possible. This is the very first AMARANTHE song to feature symphonic elements, something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, and the darkened vampiric theme melds together perfectly with our take on modern melodic metal! AMARANTHE has always been about being boundless and constantly reinventing ourselves, and by now you know to expect the unexpected. This is 100% pure passion poured into music, as you will no doubt experience yourself from the very first second – enjoy ‘Damnation Flame’, with the promise of much more to come SOON!”

‘Damnation Flame’ doesn’t only mark the start of some hot live shows this summer but also introduces AMARANTHE‘s new vocalist Mikael Sehlin to their internationally growing fanbase. Olof continues:
“After a practically global search, and several amazing guest growlers to help us out on shows and tours we finally found just the right person for the job, in our very own Swedish capital of Stockholm! Mikael Sehlin has EVERYTHING it takes to join the AMARANTHE line up, and his versatility and musicality completes and underscores our vision for our new album and the general future for AMARANTHE perfectly. From the deepest guttural grunts to soaring screams Mikael is growling perfection incarnate, so please give a roaring welcome to the new star upon the AMARANTHE firmament!”

Mikael Sehlin himself adds:
Hello everyone, Mike here! I am very thrilled to tell you I will fill the slot as the new Amaranthe growler and I can’t wait to meet you guys out there!
I hope you like the upcoming tracks to which I’ve had the honor recording growls to.
Take care and see you soon!”

Das neueste Mitglied der AMARANTHE- Familie ist im Musikvideo zu „Damnation Flame“ , dem neuesten filmischen Meisterwerk der Band, zu sehen. Halten Sie den Atem an und folgen Sie den Kreaturen der Nacht in ihre Vampirhöhle, um der Initiation ihres neuesten Opfers … äh … Mitglied beizuwohnen