AENIMUS veröffentlichen Visualizer für die neue Single ‘The Climb’


AENIMUS ist stolz darauf, heute das Musikvideo zu ihrer neuen Single „The Climb“ zu veröffentlichen, die ein neues Kapitel der Band aufschlägt. Sehen Sie sich den Visualizer für „The Climb“ hier an: siehe unten.

AENIMUS comments, “It is with great excitement that we bring you our newest single ‘The Climb’. It is the start of AENIMUS’ next chapter as a band with bassist Seth Stone stepping into a new role as lead vocalist. It is also our first song featuring the extreme talents of guitarist Greg Paulson. We’d also like to take this moment to introduce you all to Brian Gosling of GRIMZEE and AS THE STRUCTURE FAILS, who played a large role in the writing and production for ‘The Climb’ and moving forward will be playing guitar with AENIMUS.

As you are likely aware at this point Alex GreenCody Pulliam, and Jordan Rush are no longer members of AENIMUS. Without getting into too many details, the last two years have been extremely difficult for all of us. When the pandemic put a swift stop to live music, life kept going and it led to a lot of tough decisions to be made for everyone as individuals and for AENIMUS as a whole. These decisions, though not easy, led us to part ways with the three members. We will cherish the time spent writing and performing ‘Dreamcatcher’ with them all over the world and we are so proud to have shared these moments with such fine musicians. Even though Alex and Cody are no longer a part of AENIMUS‘Dreamcatcher’ is not the last you will hear of them. Alex and Cody helped tremendously with the lyrics, vocal patterns, and drums for ‘The Climb’ and the music for our upcoming releases. We are thankful to have their blessing to release these songs we wrote with them.

“We have a lot in store for you all this year including more new music and an awesome tour announcement. Thank you all for sticking with us and supporting us for the last 10 years as a band. We are so excited for this new beginning for AENIMUS and are ready to start the climb.”