WOLFHEART droppen neue Single „Cold Flame“, aus ihrem kommenden Album „King of the North“

Teppo Ristola

WOLFHEART entfesseln die Eiszeit in der Melodic-Death-Metal-Szene mit ihrer dritten Single „Cold Flame“, die aus ihrem kommenden Album „King of the North“ stammt.

WOLFHEART’s Tuomas Saukkonen about “Cold Flame”:           
’Cold Flame’ is deep diving trip into the mythology behind the northern lights. The mystic phenomenon that has been enchanting people in the nordic realm for ages. Cold and grandiose are words to describe both the stories behind the lyrics and the music itself. Monstrous growls from Karl Sanders were a cherry on top of a cake to rise the song into a new level.”

Tuomas Saukkonen – guitar, vocals
Joonas Kauppinen – drums
Lauri Silvonen – bass, vocals
Vagelis Karzis – guitar, vocals