THECITYISOURS haben ihre brandneue Single samnt Video „Alive“ veröffentlicht


THECITYISOURS haben ihre brandneue Single samnt Video „Alive“ unter der Regie von Oli Duncanson, dem eigenen Bandmitglied, veröffentlicht. Ein gewaltiges EFX-Erlebnis in einer nostalgischen Retro-Gaming-Umgebung.

The band states:
“‘Alive’ is about acknowledging the demons we have experienced in our lives & actively changing our mindset to banish them to the past and move forward with a fresh outlook onlife. As a band, we have experienced so much change in recent years that it has sometimes been difficult to remain focused on the path ahead.
Alive’ was an opportunity to throw therule book out of the window and re-define what it was that we loved about making music & creative content as a band.We talked a lot about what made us fall in love with music in the first place and discussed records that made us feel something; anything from punishing metal records to 90’s popclassic and everything in between. We set ourselves the challenge of trying to combine elements from as many of these as possible into one track,toset ourselves free from the restrictions of our past and fully embrace the new era of THECITYISOURS. We fully believe that everyone should be able to express themselves in whichever way they wish, regardless of race, gender, creed, sexuality,or any other labels society may try to place on us as.
This song has enabled us to find our true selves. ‘Alive’ is an anthem of celebration, that you are perfect just as you are. ‘Alive’ is the re-birth of THECITYISOURS.”