TEMPERANCE droppen den Titeltrack ihres kommenden Albums „Diamanti”

Tim Tronckoe

Nach der Veröffentlichung von „Pure Life Unfolds“ & „Breaking The Rules Of Metal“ enthüllt das Symphonic-Metal-Kraftpaket TEMPERANCE den Titeltrack ihres kommenden Albums „Diamanti“. Mit der dritten Single geht die Band in die letzte Runde, bevor das gleichnamige Album eintrifft.

Michele Guaitoli (vocals, piano) on the new single:
“We’ve been taught that diamonds are the purest gems in this world. They’re so pure that they can’t be bent or broken. They’re almost indestructible. They’re valuable and also intangible: they inspire hope.
The diamonds that rain throughout this beautiful song signify hopes for a better world, hopes for our dreams to come true, hopes for peace and joy. Since hopes are timeless and have no borders, we wanted to make this song flow through many languages. We wanted to use the language of music, which I represent in the video. The language of nature, which Marco represents in the video. The language of arts and beauty, which Alessia represents in the video. And we wanted everyone to understand the meaning of this song, even those who cannot listen to it but can use their eyes to read the message. Hopes are forever, hopes are for everyone.”