SKINDRED veröffentlichen neue Single “IF I COULD”

Dean Chalkey

SKINDRED freuen sich heute die dritte Single If I Could  von ihrem kommenden neuen Album Smile, welches am 04. August 2023 über Earache Records erscheint, zu veröffentlichen.

Frontmann Benji Webbe sagt: “Mikey [Demus] sent me a piece of music and he had a chorus which said ‘if I could’. And when I thought about it, I was stuck in my bedroom, in my studio, not seeing anybody. It was 2020 and it was the lockdown. For me, this song was inspired by being locked down and how much I really hated 2020, and what 2020 did to this planet. It’s made it a different place. So, for me, this song is about erasing 2020 off the map. Yep, if I could, I surely would.”

On the other hand, 2023 is a different story. We’ve released new music and we’re still to drop another few monsters off of our album ‘Smile’. I’m very optimistic about the future – we’ve got the KISS tour coming, and we’ve also got our headline tour supporting ‘Smile’. So 2023, at the moment to me, looks like a very exciting time to be in Skindred.”