OBSCURA veröffentlichen dritte Single von ihren kommenden Album “Devoured Usurper”


OBSCURA sind wieder mit einer dritten Single aus dem kommenden Album „A Valediction“ genommen, die am 19. November.2021 veröffentlicht wird. n und dunkelsten Track des Albums – „Devoured Usurper“.

Diesmal enthüllen sie den wohl brutalsten und dunkelsten Track des Albums – „Devoured Usurper“.

Band leader Steffen Kummerer comments: “Merciless, moldered and putrid alike – “Devoured Usurper” showcases a crude abrasive side to shake some bodies at live shows in the near future. With utterly brutality the song depaints an inevitable reckoning and underlines the death metal roots of Obscura.”

And once again the band worked with Mirko Witzki on the video, who also produced “Solaris”, “A Valediction” and previous videos for Obscura.

Steffen reveals: “We recorded the music video at famous Stress Studio in Graz, Austria, where also drums for the new album have been tracked. We preprare our live shows and assemble parts of our production in this unique environment before we embark on upcoming tours.”

01) Forsaken
02) Solaris
03) A Valediction
04) When Stars Collide (feat. Björn ‘Speed’ Strid)
05) In Unity
06) Devoured Usurper
07) The Beyond
08) Orbital Elements II
09) The Neuromancer
10) In Adversity
11) Heritage