NORTHTALE veröffentlichen Lyric-Video zu ‘Future Calls’


Heute veröffentlichen die Power Metal Newcomer NORTHTALE ihr neues Album „Eternal Flame“ über Nuclear Blast . Produziert von Dennis Ward ( PINK CREAM 69 , UNISONIC ), enthält das Album 12 brandneue Tracks und eine ganze Reihe neuer Einflüsse, von Thrash Metal, klassischen Zitaten und traditioneller brasilianischer Musik, die alle zu NORTHTALEs eigener Marke von melodischem Power Metal verschmolzen sind .
Aus diesem Anlass enthüllt die Band auch ein Lyric-Video zu ihrer neuen Single ‘Future Calls’ mit Kai Hansen ( HELLOWEEN / GAMMA RAY ) und seinem Sohn Tim Kanoa Hansen ( INDUCTION ),

Bill Hudson states: “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s finally time to unveil “Eternal Flame” to the world. Two years of hard work, a lineup change, a global pandemic but we did it! This baby is now out there and I can’t wait for all of you to hear it!”
And to celebrate, we chose ‘Future Calls’ as the new single! There’s a very special reason for this: Kai Hansen is a childhood hero of mine and a few years ago we had a chance to become friends. It only made sense to me to have him as a guest on the album, and when he suggested his son Tim Kanoa Hansen came along too, I thought I’d sure love to host a family reunion!
I hope the fans enjoy this album as much as we did!”

1 – Only Human
2 – Wings of Salvation
3 – Future Calls (feat. Tim and Kai Hansen)
4 – The Land of Mystic Rites
5 – Midnight Bells
6 – Eternal Flame
7 – In The Name of God
8 – Ride The Storm
9 – King of Your Illusion
10 – Judas Be My Guide (IRON MAIDEN cover feat. Jonas Heidgert)
11 – Nature’s Revenge
12 – Ivy (Outro)