LOST SOCIETY droppen neue Single mit Video zu “Stitches”

Sam Jamsen

Die finnische Modern-Metal-Truppe LOST SOCIETY hat kürzlich mit „112“ , der ersten Single ihres kommenden Albums „If The Sky Came Down“ , das am 30. September über Nuclear Blast Records veröffentlicht wird, die Szene auf den Kopf gestellt.

Mit „Stitches“ liefert die Band eine heftig hämmernde Hymne für jeden modernen Metalhead da draußen, während sie sich mit ernsthaften psychischen Problemen befasst.

Frontman Samy Elbanna about the song:

Chapter 5 continues, and we’re heading deeper inside the human mind.
Stitches talks about something that is more than familiar for so many people. The fact that no matter how hard you try to mask your traumas and past scars, they always find a way of haunting you until you come head to head with them all.
Sometime’s you just have to pull out your stitches and let all the blood and hurt come out, before you can finally start healing.”

He continues about the video:

Vita Pictura has once again delivered a true masterpiece. Once again the intensity and true anguish of the track get an incredible visual representation, and the viewers will definitely feel what this song is all about. The video has us in scenes of near insanity, but also in our most free state. Just as the lyric, we feel trapped by our past, until we rip off the last remaining stitches to let it all out and realise we’re not alone.”

Samy Elbanna | Gesang, Gitarre

Arttu Lesonen | Gitarre

Mirko Lehtinen | Bass

Taz Fagerström | Schlagzeug