LEAFLET veröffentlichen erste Single “Gonna Do It” vom kommenden Album


Die finnischen Rocker LEAFLET werden ihr zweites Album „Something Beyond“ im kommenden Januar 2023 veröffentlichen. Das Album folgt ihrem Debütalbum „Outta Door“, das 2017 veröffentlicht wurde.

Heute ist die Band „Gonna Do It“ und drückt ab, indem sie den Fans die erste Single ihres zweiten Full-Length-Albums schenkt. Der Track ist ein harter Riffing-Faust-Pump-Track, der dich von den Füßen holt und abrockt!

“‘Gonna Do It’ is about the feeling of getting stuck in your life. You realize it is time for a change, and that it is your own duty to change the course of your life. Of course, there is a risk involved and it feels scary as hell, but you need to hear yourself saying: “Gonna do it”. ‘Gonna’ is the heaviest track we have written so far. We had several versions of it and ended up pretty much re-writing the whole song during the pre-production process. We are glad we did because the end result sounds absolutely stunning with its monster opening riff, crushing chorus, and epic guitar solo!” says the band about the track.


Jaakko Leaflet – lead vocals & guitar

Antti Kallio – guitar & backing vocals

Fabian Korsström – bass & backing vocals

Pekka Jokela – drums