HYPERSONIC veröffentlichen Video zu „Veil Of Insanity“ vom neuen Album „Kaosmogonia“

Jon Asher

Hypersonic , die kraftvolle Symphonic-Metal-Band, die 2006 von Salvo Grasso und Emanuele Gangemi gegründet wurde, hat ihren Traum verwirklicht, einzigartige, kraftvolle und epische Musik zu schaffen. Heute präsentieren sie stolz ihr neuestes Album „Kaosmogonia“ , eine musikalische Reise, die Genres überschreitet und den Hörer in ein symphonisches und extremes Metal-Erlebnis eintauchen lässt.

“Kaosmogonia” is the culmination of Hypersonic’s musical evolution, showcasing a distinctive sound that is powerful, symphonic, epic, extreme, and dramatic. The album is a testament to the band’s dedication to pushing creative boundaries and introducing new elements to their signature sound introducing their new singer Eleonora Russo whose exceptional songwriting qualities bring a fresh and dynamic dimension to the band’s music.

“Kaosmogonia” incorporates a powerful symphonic orchestra and explores new influences, including elements of death metal, creating a rich and diverse sonic landscape.

The third single off the album is called “Veil of Insanity”, it sounds like a poignant and powerful song. It’s fascinating how art can sometimes reflect or even predict real-world events. The theme of the madness of war in the Middle East is unfortunately timeless and the lyrics seem to capture the anguish and despair that conflict brings to the region. The contrast between the heavy music and the weighty subject matter likely amplifies the emotional impact of the song. For this song it has been filmed and produced an official music video which will be out today too!