HAMMERFALL kündigen neues Album für August an und droppen erste Single “Hail To The King”

Hammerfall – Avenge the Fallen
Tallee Savage

Heute kündigen HAMMERFALL voller Stolz ihr 13. Studioalbum Avenge The Fallen an, das am 9. August über Nuclear Blast Records veröffentlicht wird.

Genau, weniger als ein Jahr nach dem letzten Auftritt der „United Forces“-Tour ist das Quintett aus Gitarrist Oscar Dronjak , Sänger Joacim Cans , Bassist Fredrik Larsson , Gitarrist Pontus Norgen und Schlagzeuger David Wallin mit zehn brandneuen Songs zurück solide Stücke klassischen Heavy Metals.

This is our 13th album”, Joacim Cans says with pride. How do you still stay relevant after 13 albums? It’s very much like the opening line to the song ´Avenge The Fallen´: “What is the worst, be the one who died, or be the one who survived.”

Think about it, because it is a tough question”.

He continues, “Do we want to be a band who releases new music just for the sole reason of getting out on the road again or do we want to keep pushing and challenging ourselves? In times where people have less and less attention span, we still think in the form of full length albums. A few good songs don’t make a strong album. A strong album comes from an album full a great songs and that’s what we’re delivering with Avenge The Fallen.” 

To give a taste of what awaits the fans, the band unleashes the first single and video ´Hail To The King´. A song that was born on the road….

I began working on ´Hail To The King´ while on tour in the US with Helloween”, Oscar Dronjak recalls. “By the end of the tour, I was getting close to wrapping the song up, so straight after the Los Angeles gig I headed to the bus where I worked like a mad man to get the last pieces together. That turned out to be the show where one of my favourite wrestlers, Chris Jericho, came to visit. It was also the show where Fredrik met his idol Frank Bello from Anthrax and Joacim met Jay Ruston, producer for Armored Saints, Avatar, Anthrax, Corey Taylor and more and whom after this meeting agreed to produce the vocals for ´Avenge The Fallen´! I missed all that, but I at least got a great song out of it, haha!”