GRAVESHADOW droppen neues Video zu Vengeance of Envy


Letzten Freitag veröffentlichten GRAVESHADOW ihr erwartetes neues Album „The Uncertain Hour“ und starteten eine Westküstentour. Nun veröffentlichen GRAVESHADOW ihr nächstes Musikvideo „Vengeance of Envy“.

“I’m excited to release this song because of its straightforward and rock heavy sound,” states singer Rachl “Raxx” Quinn. “Rock ‘n roll is a large part of my origin, and the mesh of hard rock and heavy metal culminates in something I think that is truly special.”

Track Listing:
1. Soldier of 34 (6:04)
2. Gwynnbleidd (4:18)
3. Sea of Apparitions (3:55)
4. The Swordsman (5:28)
5. Vengeance of Envy (3:57)
6. A Beautiful End (4:54)
7. The Betrayer (4:12)
8. Shadow Battles (4:19)
9. The Two Lived (6:45)
10. Damsel’s Finesse (7:05)
Album Length: 51:04

Rachl ‘Raxx’ Quinn – vocals
William Lloyd Walker – guitars
Aaron Robitsch – guitars/keyboards
Luci Rae – bass
Bones – drums