Festival: Deathfeast Open Air 2020

Offizieller Flyer

Deathfeast Open Air, eines der brutalsten Metal Festivals in Europa. Mit Brutal Death Metal, Grindcore, Goregrind, Slam Death Metal und Old School vereint in drei Tagen Lärm und Spaß.

Date: , 20. bis Samstag, 22. August in Andernach

Cattle Decapitation – progressive Death Metal from USA
Exhumed – old school Chainsaw Death/Grind from USA
Rings of Saturn – technical Alien Death Metal from USA
Benighted – brutal blasting Death/Grind from France
DISENTOMB – technical brutal Death Metal from Australia
Wormrot – merciless Grindcore from Singapore
INGESTED – slamming kingsize Death Metal from UK
Katalepsy – slamming technical Death Metal from Russia
Visceral Disgorge – slamming Slamdozer from USA
Shadow Of Intent – symphonic Deathcore from USA
KRAANIUM – slamming Slammachine from Norway
Organectomy – technical slam Death Metal from New Zealand
Henker – ultrafast technical Death Metal from France
Man Must Die – relentless Death Metal from UK
Necrot – old school Death Metal from USA
Stillbirth – slamming Surfcore from Germany
Endseeker – fresh old school Death Metal from Germany
Cote d’Aver – groovy Death Grind from the Netherlands (ONLY SHOW IN 2020)
Cumbeast – groovy grandma Death/Grind from Finland
Tortharry – old school Death Metal from Czech Republic
Profanity – technical old school Death Metal from Germany
Holocausto Canibal – gory Death/Grind from Portugal
Fleshless Official – old school Death Metal from Czech Republic
Pit of toxic slime – slamming Death Metal / Hardcore from Italy
Basement Torture Killings – snuff Grindcore from UK
Infestation – groovy Death/Grind from Lithuania
Human Prey – sick Death Metal from Germany

We got now 27 bands from 15 different countries around the world.