AS IT IS sehnen sich zurück nach 2003!


AS IT IS liefern heute mit “I MISS 2003” den ersten Song der offiziell in Verbindung mit ihrem neuen Album steht. Es wird “I Went To Hell And Back” heißen und erscheint am 4. Februar 2022 via Fearless Records.

“I MISS 2003” handelt davon, wie sehr man manchmal seine Teenager-Jahre vermisst und vorallem die positiven, unbekümmerten Seiten daran.

“I’m in the middle of a crisis
Welcome to my life, no I don’t think that I like this
I can’t believe I got this jaded (got this jaded)
I remember singing to “The Anthem”
My friends were the best, wish I knew it when I had them
‘Cause now it’s kind of complicated

So tell me that you’re alright, ’cause I’m not okay
I left the best of me in 2003

Now life is boring, let’s write a story where we never grow up
Still four in the morning, singing New Found Glory at the top of our lungs
So tell me that you’re alright, ’cause I’m not okay
I left the best of me in 2003″

Sänger Patty Walters sagte zu dem Song: “This was the last song written for the album, written and tracked in the last two days of recording. Thematically, there was little left unsaid on the album, which is always a liberating feeling because no risk is off limits anymore. Why not write a love song about the bands that sparked a fire inside you? Why not decorate all the lyrics with band names and song titles? It was a true joy to write, and in its own weird way, it felt like we were writing this in the 2000s. So if you were there, we hope this song takes you back. And if you missed out, we hope this song makes you feel like you lived through it all with us.”

Der Album-Titel “I Went To Hell And Back” klingt schon recht depressiv, und genau das können wir scheinbar auch vom Album erwarten.

There’s been a lot of battles, mainly with myself, but I’m proud of the outcome. As profoundly pessimistic as this record sounds on the surface, it isn’t all doom and gloom. Feelings like sadness and hopelessness will eat you alive if you let them. I hope this record is there for anybody feeling as lousy or as inadequate as I was. “, äußerte sich Patty Walters dazu und führte weiter aus: [The album is like] catching up with an old friend. We can talk about all the good and terrible things that have happened, and how we’ve grown from that. We’re not the same band and I’m sure our fans aren’t the same people they were last time we put out an album, but I hope they haven’t forgotten why we were friends in the first place.”

Auf dem Album werden außerdem die bereits veröffentlichten Songs “IDGAF“, “I LIE TO ME“, “ILY, HOW ARE YOU?” und “IDC, I CAN’T TAKE IT” vertreten sein.