AS I MAY veröffentlicht neues Musikvideo „The Last Breath“


Angst vor Clowns oder verlassenen Häusern mitten im Wald? Nun ja … AS I MAY aus Finnland ist mit einem Killervideo zu ihrer neuen Single „The Last Breath“ zurück, das Ihnen den dringend benötigten Horror-Fix liefert. Der „Horrorcore“-Sound von As I May kombiniert moderne Low-Riffs mit einem Hauch von Deathcore und Synthesizern, die für Horror-Sweeps und Atmosphäre sorgen, und liefert diesem Chaos einen eingängigen Refrain zum Mitsingen.

Vocalist/guitarist Lasse Hiltunen adds:

“This video was new territory for us. We shot in 3D and green screens. We thought that we could get that same atmosphere from the video that is in the song with lyrics such as “‘urn down the house’. Basically, the main idea came from that phrase and we needed a reason to burn a house, and have some murderous clowns. Let’s try those in there too. This video came out much more scarier than we thought.”

“The Last Breath” is the first single and title track off their yet-to-be-released third LP that was mixed and mastered by Christoph Wieczorek at Sawdust Recordings.