Interview: Marcus Bridge – Northlane

Pia Böhl

Wir hatten die Ehre mit Northlane über ihr, im August, erscheinendes Album “Alien” zu quatschen.


FESTIVALSTALKER: thank you for taking the time for this interview. Alien is your fist self release album. Why did you decide to name it Alien?

Marcus Bridge: Growing up, I always felt like an alien. I felt I was not the same as everyone else. It was a unique and rough way. And it fit with how the music sounds, it has a different tone and I also felt like it was a funny name that maybe let people expect a space themed album rather than this raw, dark kind of story.

FESTIVALSTALKER: As you already stated, The album adresses some pretty personal and serious matters. What is the main reason that you wanted to adress those topics?

Marcus Bridge: I wanted to talk about my upbringing for a long time, ever since I joined Northlane 5 years ago. The guys always have been encouraging about it. For people, who dealt with the same upbringing, in all its raw fashion and umcomfortable ways, there are people out there who can relate do it.

FESTIVALSTALKER: Getting further into the songs, what is your most personal song on “Alien” and why do you think it’s relevant?

Marcus Bridge: Quite a few. They’re all personal but I guess the most direct and the most straight-forward is the once called “Freefall”. It’s a direct retelling of something that happened in a hotel room my family was staying at. Somebody broke in and this guy pointed his gun directly at my dad. It’s about how I felt in that moment. But yeah, they’re all difficult songs.

FESTIVALSTALKER: To get to more lighthearted topics; you’ve been touring Europe, America, Japan and almost all over the world for some time now. How does it feel?

Marcus Bridge:  It’s great. It’s an awesome way of sharing music with people who share the same passion and to see them and what the songs mean to them. Something you don’t get to have in many other careers.

FESTIVASTALKER: What has been your favorite show or venue so far this year?

Marcus Bridge: Oh, I don’t know this yet. There are so many places, I try to think of one very special one but I don’t know. Maybe Download festival, it was quite spontaneous and fun but there are way too many.

FESTIVALSTALKER: What makes a show great for you?

Marcus Bridge: When the band and everyone is enjoying themselves and the crowd as well. It’s great to go out there [ on stage ] and escape for a little, get relief out of music. That’s all it’s about. It’s great creating a different enviroment that everyone can immerse into.

FESTIVALSTALKER: You are on tour with Silent Planet and Void of Vision in Europe this year – are you excited already?

Marcus Bridge: Absolutely. Void Of Visons are a local band that we’ve known for a long time and I am excited to see them again. Silent Planet turn many heads at the moment, it will be great to see their antics. Polaris are coming as well, they are great people that make great music.

FESTIVALSTALKER: Thank you, again also for your time. We’ll make sure to catch you guys on some of your Germany dates. Any last words to add?

Marcus Bridge: Thank you and yeah no, not too much. Just looking forward for everyone to see and listen to the album.